Advanced ESL

About This Course

  • 3 Modules
  • 18 Lessons

This level focuses on deepening the skills on fluency on speaking, reading, listening and extended writing. The English Advanced level emphasizes providing details when speaking such as time reference, space, actions, future, etc. It is preferable to complete the Intermediate level before taking the Advanced level. This level also strengths the ability to express extended answers or details on how to provide answers in present, past and future. Additionally, culture aspects reading will be highly empathized such as readings about different English-speaking regions and countries, topics of world interest such as global climate, international relations, debates, etc. The Advanced level is divided in 3 sublevels such as Advanced Low, Advanced Medium, Advanced High in a total of 18 lessons.

English Advanced Low: 8 lessons
Lesson 1
“If you were…”
Lesson 2
“I just lost my documents.”
Lesson 3
“The beauty of Australia.”
Lesson 4
“Long live England!”
Lesson 5
”Traditional English clothing.”
Lesson 6
”New Zealand: an island of adventures.”
Lesson 7
”The history of the Big Ben.”
Lesson 8
“Invitation to talk in English.”
English Advanced Medium: 6 lessons
Lesson 1
”The English 5 o’clock tea”
Lesson 2
”Let’s debate!”
Lesson 3
”Let’s protect our planet!
Lesson 4
”The English kings.”
Lesson 5
”The English colonies” (1)
Lesson 6
”The English colonies.” (2)
English Advanced High: 4 lessons
Lesson 2
“Festivals and traditions in the English speaking world”.
Lesson 3
”How to write a composition or an email in English.”
Lesson 1
”Ireland and Scotland”
Lesson 4
”Famous English painters.”
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