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We are a fresh company made of passionate teachers and instructors who believe that ANY LANGUAGE IS EASY TO LEARN!

Currently, we offer lessons from Basic, Novice, Intermediate to Advanced levels in English as a Second Language (ESL), French, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish. We offer personalized individual language lessons via Zoom, as well as small groups (3-6 learners). Please contact us for more details.

Additionally, we offer tutoring service and homework assistance for students that take foreign language or ESL classes in college, high school and middle school. Moreover, we offer special tutoring for students enrolled in AP Spanish and AP French from instructors that are part of the College Board. Up to the request of the learner, we provide customized placement testing and revisions testing. Feel free to contact us.

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The team of Starlingue

our methods

We will be speaking the language on day 1!

Our philosophy is focused on by practicing consistent methods designed as speaking, listening, reading and writing in the process of acquiring a foreign language organically with no previous experience needed! Our methods consist in a variety of processes that lead to a full immersion.


Read, communicate, present and practice (RCPP)

The new lesson material is presented in meaningful, real, and relevant context, which helps the learners understand and learn quickly.

The interactions with the tutors creates a continuing immersion while acquiring the skills of the language.

The application of the learned material that leads the new language skills to a variety and diverse set of activities and real-life applications.


FVPR (Full Visual and Physical Response)

This is the process of making the learning process more interactive for students at any age by learning from actual, audial and visual means of understanding the process of language. Additionally, gestures and emotions can help students identify words kinetically as well.



This method is dedicated to emphasize the student’s independence in their own learning and is fostered by a variety of methods offered by Starlingue. Our instructors are using different strategies called “scaffolding” which provide an ideal context for the learners for helping to build better their understanding of the newly learned concepts and materials. These can be:

Illustrational by identifying vocabulary words in practice.

Visual and Practical contexts by speaking in dialogs, reading and listening to short stories in the target language.

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